Festive Triopack Refill

A long-awaited winter break: sparkling, warm, leisurely... A whirlwind of emotions to smell and feel and then the moment when magic takes over...
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Nestled in the softness of a sofa, draped in the warmth of a soft shawl, everyone is getting ready for the magic of Christmas, deliciously lulled by sweet bubbles. Reunited at last, each of these perfumes gradually awakens to the promise of an anticipated celebration. For the celebration to be a good one, Maison Berger Paris has developed this Festive Triopack: an ode to the languor of winter and its celebrations. The Exquisite Sparkle Home Fragrance pays homage to French excellence and the effervescence of its most famous nectars. It sets the tone for the celebrations: its zesty notes collide with sweeter scents to create a festive and colourful atmosphere. Delicate Cashmere tells us about the soft fabrics in which bodies love to snuggle in the depth of winter. Cashmere wood and cedar wood provide a comforting base, while sandalwood offers a milky sweetness and definite sensuality, boosted by floral heart notes where jasmine rivals with rose and ylang-ylang. Lastly, the Velvet Rapture Home Fragrance is an ode to sensuousness, to the pleasure of the body that abandons itself in the welcoming warmth of a duvet to share. It opens with pink peppercorn, followed by a heart of purple rose, and then an amber base with vanilla and patchouli accents. Floral and opulent, sweet and delicious.

Because you deserve the best, we strongly advise you to use your Lampe Berger only with Maison Berger Paris perfumes.

Because you deserve the best, we strongly advise you to use your Lampe Berger only with Maison Berger Paris perfumes.

Why? Only the use of Maison Berger Paris perfumes with the Maison Berger Paris catalytic process can guarantee quality and safe use of the Lampe Berger. Using any other perfume than those by Maison Berger Paris could damage your Lampe Berger irreversibly. Find out more

Advices Usage
  • Use the So Neutral Home Fragrance to clean your burner between two fragrances or to adjust the intensity of your perfume by diluting it.
  • Using fragrances other than those of Maison Berger can seriously damage your burner.
180 ml
Regulatory information
Isopropanol. Highly flammable liquid and vapour. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause drowsiness or dizziness.
Duration of broadcast
7h of diffusion - 29h of fragrance
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